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Brand Evolutionz is a dynamic  Design Studio based in Polokwane, South Africa. 
The studio is a multidisciplinary practice with a diverse portfolio of Design projects that each carries our hallmark of creativity, innovation, and visual experimentation.
We have International & Local client references with an Individual Professional registered membership at DEFSA (Design & Education Forum of Southern Africa).

Brand Evolutionz will take your vision and develop visual concepts with a brand strategy to reinforce your message and communicate it clearly to your intended audience. 

We will create a business image that is unique from the rest, to enable you to attract a market in which your competitors are not able to compete.
Generates Increased Revenues And Market Share
​When a firm does extensive marketing or branding, its revenues and market share increases. This means that the firm can become stronger than it was before. It can use its power to enter new geographical markets, do co-branding and gain new distribution opportunities.
Helps The Company Attract New Distribution For Its Products  
Our design development with a solid branding strategy will help your Company Attract New Distribution For Its Products.
A popular brand with known customer loyalty has little issues discovering distribution partners, on a local and global scale.

Attracts Investors                           
Investors always go after brands that are strong enough to inspire their target audience and genuine enough to gain their trust. An investor would never want to invest in a weak brand that only showed potential risk.
When you invest in your company’s branding efforts, the opportunity for growth is limitless.
We will create and develop your image around a sustainable branding strategy so it can have the most impact on the target market.
Everyone wants to work with a brand where the client demand and return on investment are high!

This Mandela Day, Colourworks in collaboration with Designers Ink, Over the Rainbow, RGB and 1-Grid will host the first ever 67 logos designathon. We will donate a logo, mini visual identity, a 2-day business boot camp, a free web domain and 67 weeks of web hosting. What started as a drive to donate 67 logos to 67 SME's for Mandela Day is now much bigger than we imagined. Businesses don't only walk away with a logo and mini brand identity, they also get an opportunity to kickstart their business with a business boot camp, a free web domain and web hosting for 67 weeks – all worth over R40 000! 
We have been chosen to take part in the #67logosdesignathon for Mandela Day.
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